Q1: What is dissertationadvice.net? How will it help me with my dissertation?
Dissertationadvice.net is the brainchild of Dr.William Sampson, PhD psychology. The service was initiated to help out students with their doctoral dissertations so that they don’t end up dropping out of their doctoral degrees. This service has helped many PhD seeking students to come up with an excellent dissertation so that the major part of their PhD requirement is completed without any problems. This service will help you get your doctorate degree by providing one excellent dissertation that is sure to add a doctor before your name.
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Q2: Why should I buy a dissertation from you?
There are many reasons you should buy from us:
Our writers all have PhDs and are of professorial rank.
All our dissertations are original and custom-made for your requirements, so you can run your dissertation through any plagiarism detection software without fear.
You have complete ownership rights, so you will never discover your dissertations posted on the Internet.
No other company offers such an attractive discount offer.
No other company provides you with the opportunity to talk to their other clients.
We offer highly competitive pricing. We don’t claim to be the cheapest – we are not. But, given the quality we provide, our prices are very competitive. To maintain the quality of our product we have to pay our professors handsomely, which means we cannot match the price of $7 or $8 a page which some other sites offer. But these sites could not even think of hiring a PhD to write for them
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Q3: How do I know the dissertation you provide would be of the standard I require?
Ans: All our dissertations are 100% original. They are custom written by our writers with PhDs from every academic discipline. They will research your topic using all available sources – online and offline libraries, newspapers, books, journals, periodicals, magazines and many more. Our editing department will then checks and edits the paper twice for style, choice of words, grammar, spelling and punctuation. We aim to ensure that you receive nothing that is not of the highest quality.
Q4: Will I receive plagiarized or cut and paste material from the internet?
Ans: No, we make sure that the work provided is 100% original. There is no chance of your dissertation ending up the same as some one else’s. You can be in touch with your writer and give your inputs. If changes are made according to your input and if the writer is willing to revise some work then chances are it is likely that the work is not plagiarized. YOU CAN CONTACT OUR WRITERS ANY TIME TO CHECK ON THE STATUS OF YOUR DISSERTATIONS. You can give your input and your research work too and we will revise our work until you are satisfied. We also run an anti plagiarism software by the name of eve2 to see that our writers have not used any plagiarized work. This will ensure you get a 100% non-plagiarize custom dissertation.
Q5: Is the service private and confidential?
Ans:Yes, after you get your dissertation is complete and in your hands we delete your record from our computer. It would be like as if you never even talked to us.
Q6: Can you help me in finding a suitable topic for my dissertation?
Ans: Yes we can help you find a great topic for your dissertation
Just ask us your topic by mailing us and we would reply in no time
Q7: When will I receive the paper?
Ans: We guarantee you the dissertation will be delivered on your specified deadline if not before.
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Q8: Will there be any compromise on quality to meet deadline?
Ans: No, we only take a certain number of orders so that our writers are not burdened with many dissertations. Your dissertation would go through not 1 but 2 of our writers to check out all the facts and check for any flaws. We don’t compromise on quality at any cost.
Q9: In what format will I receive my papers?
Ans:Ans You will receive the dissertation as an MS Word attachment at your email address.
Q10: How can I send a revision request?
Ans: Once you get the dissertation, and feel that there are few things you need to change. Contact our Customer Support Center by filling an Order Revision form. 24-hour response is guaranteed.
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Q11: How can I track my dissertation status?
Ans: Contact our customer support center by filling required information in Order Tracking form. You can see your order status immediately.
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Q12: Do you provide free revisions?
Ans: Yes we provide free unlimited revisions until your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Q13: Can I communicate with some of your other clients for references?
Ans: Yes you can. You can ask what ever you like with our other clients. We will give you their email addresses if you sign an agreement of not spamming their email inboxes.
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Q14: Who will own the work?
Ans: once you have made the payments you will have 100% ownership of the complete work.
Q15: How will I receive the work?
Ans: Once your dissertation is complete it would be mailed to you in the email address you have provided in you order form. You may also give an alternative email address so that if for some reason your dissertation does not reach you in your primary email it can be sent to your secondary email address.
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Q15: How can I order my dissertation?
Go to the “Order Now” page and fill out some basic information required by us.
Once you have entered the basic information submit it and you will be moved to the payment form.
Within a couple of hours after receiving the payment, your order will be assigned a suitable writer. Then you will be able to contact your writer directly through filling an appropriate form at the Customer Support page of our website. Please note that you have to fill a form at the Customer Support page of our website every time you need to contact your writer You will receive the response of your writer via email. Please do not respond to the emails you receive from the writer rather go back to Customer Support page and fill an appropriate form.