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If I BUY DISSERTATION off a website, that is custom-written, is that plagiarism?

Has anyone used a dissertation writing service? If so which one do you recommend and how much was it? If I buy dissertation online will I be conned? “What should I consider before I buy dissertation online?
Every morning at work when I start checking my emails, I see questions such as above in my inbox. And to be very honest I have now become bored of writing a more or less a same answer to all of the above questions regarding how to buy a dissertation online. So, after giving it a little thought, I’ve decided to put the answers to my website so everyone can access it freely without asking.
I know you must have read a lot of industry warning signs from writing services who at the end of the day try to sell their services by defaming other websites. They only want you to buy dissertations from them. The objective behind such industry warnings is not to help students become aware of the problems related to buying dissertations online but sell their own writing service. Well, let me tell you that this article doesn’t slander any other website or ask you to buy dissertations from us.
”What you are going to read below is a complete guide that will help you to make a smart and well-thought out decision to buy dissertation from a reliable custom writing service.
So, Here Are 6 Simple Factors to help you purchase dissertation online and help Judge Reliability And Authenticity Of A Dissertation Writing Service”.
Custom Written Dissertation According To Your Specification:
When you buy dissertations online you will not find a dissertation writing service not bragging on this feature. The crazy thing about it, some of the websites from which you buy dissertation don’t even understand what custom written actually means… Here, I urge you to question your common sense.
Just because every other website claims to write a custom dissertation makes them eligible to write it according to your specifications. Off course, NOT. So, how are you going to find out they are going to write a custom dissertation?
You should look for a process that explains how they deliver a custom-written dissertation. For example, some of the key things to look at:
Before you purchase dissertation online always check does the service accept any or all the type of the orders?
How they select a writer for your project?
How many projects is he/she is handling at this moment?
What are the remarks of customers for this writer?
If the website claims to have PhD writers then you have to make sure that they know your subject pretty well. In order to get an idea about the writer’s back ground, ask some very specific and related questions to your area of study. Most services DON’T allow you to contact their writers before you place an order, which is fine. But they should be able to get your questions answered from the writer before you place an order. Buy dissertation from a service that allows you to collaborate with the writer.
If a legal and professional dissertation writing service is marketing a quality service then they should not be afraid to back it up with a Money-Back Guarantee. The longer the guarantee, better it is. Again most services offer a money back guarantee. Buy dissertation from a service which gives the longest money back guarantee. You should be able to get your money back for:
Getting plagiarized work
Not meeting the deadline
Not following the specifications
Along with the Money-Back Guarantee, they should also offer Free Revisions feature if something goes wrong. DON’T buy dissertation online if any service does not give any guarantee.
Plagiarism-Free Guarantee:
Best way to check if the dissertation you have gotten is plagiarized or not is simply Google it. Copy few lines of a paragraph randomly and search in Google. You’ll get 100% matches if the dissertation is copied and pasted from internet. Here is how it may show up in Google
google image You should also expect an Anti-Plagiarism Scanning Report along with your paper. There are many softwares that can detect plagiarism. But don’t ever ask them to check your dissertation at Turnitin.Com because your dissertation would be saved in data bank and when you’ll submit it to your supervisor it is bound to show 100% copied and pasted.

Customer Support:
Do not purchase dissertation from a dissertation writing service that does not have a Phone Number. HEARING A VOICE AT THE OTHER END IS A MUST. Check if the customer support officer is available in the given time mentioned on their website. Also emails should be replied within 24 hours. Good customer service is a great indicator of the quality of services provided. Buy dissertation from a service which can answer all your queries on the phone and by email. Note: your customer support officer is not your dissertation writer. Avoid bombarding him/her with your topic related queries. They are only there to assist you to purchase dissertation from them and take your queries.
“Wow I love it”. “So cooool”. This is not a bubble gum ad. It’s a legitimate service. Don’t believe such testimonials for one second. They are guaranteed fake. Trust a testimonial that is problem specific and solves a certain problem. If a site has such meaningless comments you can realize how the dissertation would be hence DON’T buy dissertation if testimonials seem like they are written by a 15 year old.
So I hope now you have a good idea as to how to choose a good dissertation writing service. Completing your dissertation is a huge step in successfully completing your doctorate degree.
If you want to buy dissertation online let the above mentioned points be your guide in choosing a dissertation writing service that won’t leave you high and dry at the end of the day.
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