How are you dear distressed students? Is your dissertation giving you a hard time? I know it is because I went through the same thing as you when I was writing my doctoral dissertation. I am William Sampson, PhD in psychology and welcoming you to dissertationadvice.net.

I had been teaching for a good 6 years and had been a dissertation advisor many times during the course of my teaching years. A dissertation is a major requirement for your PhD degree and I have seen hundreds of students just go “hell I don’t need this” and walk away. Doing research work and compiling it and coming up with your own proposal is a big ask for students who are already working and have a family to support. I know all the pressures because my wife just had given birth to our lovely girl when I was in process of making my dissertation. Trust me a 24 hour crying baby does little help to your dissertation cause. But thank God I had help from a very dear friend (may God rest his soul) who helped me a lot in my dissertation. So after seeing students walk away because of the pressure it was a sense of dejavu for me as I could see myself in all those students hence I came up with a dissertation help service that gives complete assistance to students such as yourself who are having trouble completing or making their dissertations!

I started this service 2 years ago with 2 of my friends Prof. Walter Connely, PhD in Marketing and Prof Sarah Hewitt, PhD English Literature. Thanks to Prof Walter’s brilliant marketing strategy we were already well known by the time we reached our second month. We were handling an average of 5-10 PhD dissertations per month and we are proud to say we met with all the deadlines with complete satisfaction from our customers. Because of our experience we knew what to write and how to write guaranteeing that your dissertation advisor is left with no objections with your dissertation but only has praise for you.

Since last year our orders have quadrupled hence we needed more writers. We just couldn’t hire any one hence we had to take extensive tests. We are proud to say after the tests we have expanded to a team of 33 PhD writers, yes 33. 10 are working with us full time while the rest drop by regularly to take up any assignment of their interest. All the writers specialize in different fields hence we have been able to cater the needs of all students with great results. We have provided great dissertations and have ALWAYS met our deadlines.
So the next time you think that PhD is not your cup of tea think again. Order your dissertation now and you too can have a doctor or a professor in front of your name.